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About us

…from the beginning we wanted to be a company which is significant in foreign market. Our priorities are our clients’ satisfaction and the quality of products which we offer. After some time it turned out that the most difficult is to face our assumptions which we made when the company was established in 2005.

Studying busines thoroughly had started much earlier, but only the work in our family company, which involves the production of fitness equipment and providing it to fitness clubs, SPA & WELLNESS studios, helped us to understand it. We knew that generating profits cannot be out major aim, so we decided to introduce a long-term strategy so that the CLIENT is our main aim. Fulfilling his expectations and the high quality of our products and services became the most important issue.

Today we are…
The world leader specialized in production of slimming devices. We are a trustworthy brand which was many times awarded. Our offer is varied so that the products with “Body Evolution” logo were connected only with the good choice and the best quality. A wide range of products, attractive prices and high level of services make out CLIENTS faithful to us. Together we arrange their first fitness clubs which we improve and modernize with passing years, what is more we adjust them to current trends.