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Vacu Evolution

Vacu Evolution is not only a solution for weight loss, but also all the procedures of beauty salon combined into one device. We created an idea of how to combine physical exercise on a treadmill in infrared vacuum, electrical stimulation, including aromatherapy, color therapy, ionization and collagen treatment.
Vacu Evolution device is equipped with the most recent technological developments – a vacuum and infrared radiation, which increases physical activity and take a shorter time to reach the desired results. This unique combination provides a remarkable opportunity to reduce cellulite, lose weight and improve appearance. The maximum result of intense activity and automatic programs allows you do optimal adjustment of the course program, which is probably the main advantage of this device.
Vacu Evolution may have the following functions:

  • LED photo-rejuvenation
  • Infrared
  • Vacuum
  • Aromatherapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Air ionization
  • Ozone therapy
  • Electro stimulation
  • Available choices: treadmill, elliptical trainer, bicycle

Vacu Evolution provides long-term effect, including:

  • Weight loss up to 25 kg;
  • Loss of cellulite for 80% of users;
  • Body volume decrease (8 up to20 cm);
  • Blood and lymph circulation improvement;
  • Better metabolic rate;
  • Adipose tissue burning;
  • Increasing vitality and mental activity;
  • The overall improvement of body shape.

How does Vacu Evolution work?
Exercises along with a vacuum pressure is equivalent to non-invasive treatment that promotes targeted fat loss in a short period of time. Procedure is especially popular among women, who tend to store fat around the waist, abdomen, hips, buttocks and thigh areas. You walk inside the capsule of Vacu Evolution on a treadmill, where the lower part of the body (below the chest) is under pressure as a result of the vacuum inside the capsule. The vacuum improves blood circulation to the hips, waist, and buttocks areas. Task of vacuum is to divide the subcutaneous adipose tissue, to remove toxic substances from the body, improve blood flow in the skin and muscles, resulting in quicker metabolism.
Electrical stimulation can be used to reinforce and scrub certain muscles of the body or problem areas of the body. Electrical therapy can be compared with massage and exercise, but in this case skin surface is not being massaged, but penetrate with depth electrical impulses which shrink, exercise, massage the deeper layers of muscle, which is unable to grasp with the human fingers. It is medically safe and surprisingly effective way to strengthen and firm the muscles of the body.
Studies have shown that just over 30 minutes of sport inside Vacu Evolution capsule with an average speed of only 4km/h, it burns five times more calories than an hour on a simple treadmill.